5 Incredible Desserts in Dubai

Want to know where the craziest desserts in Dubai are located? Read on to find out our top 5 picks for incredible dessert treats in the city.

1. The Foggy Mountain

Featured Image sourced from official Facebook page

The Foggy Mountain is a unique dessert that will surely get your attention. Served up at Turkish Restaurant Huqqa, It’s a chocolate sphere with a cloud of deliciousness — totally flawless, from presentation to quality.

Where to find it: Huqqa, The Dubai Mall

2. The “PINATA”

Featured Image sourced from MenuPages.ae Facebook page

The dessert dish called ‘The Piñata’ is literally smashed in front of you like a Piñata! It consists of a chocolate ball filled with sweet treats, which is suspended over a bed of marshmallows, fresh strawberries as well as blueberries. The chocolate ball is then smashed onto the plate and is completed with a pour of warm chocolate sauce.

Where to find it: Madness, Dubai

3. La Paleta

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This pretty looking dessert is served in a restaurant called Waka Dubai. La Paleta, is a chocolate mousse creation with a crunchy hazelnut coating, topped with double chocolate chip cookie and raspberry meringues.

Where to find it: Waka, The Oberoi Hotel, Business Bay

4. Chocolate Tower

Featured Image sourced from Livingkool.com

This Chocolate Tower is a tall jar of Bubble Waffle, vanilla ice cream and fruits drenched in a mix of all the chocolate sauces you can imagine. No matter how big the chocolate craving is, this chocolate tower by Waffle Street will definitely satisfy you.

Where to find it: Waffee Street, Satwa, Dubai

5. ‘Gulab Jamun’

Featured Image sourced from Insydo

For all you desi lovers and for those who want to try something beyond chocolate 😛 this is something not to be missed. The sweet experience of Farzi Cafe you won’t want to miss is the Gulab Jamun! For those of you who may not know, (Gulab Jamun is a sweet milk-based dough that is dipped in a sugary syrup). The one at Farzi Cafe offers a unique twist to the dish by adding a flavored whipped cream frozen with liquid nitrogen!

Where to find it: Farzi Café, Dubai

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