Sweet Treats

Mini Chocolate Cream Pie in Mason Jars

With the Covid situation still on high and everybody staying inside, things might get a little bit boring after a while and during these stressful times nothing hits the spot quite like a homemade treat. This recipe is here to soothe your sweet tooth. Spend the weekend trying this out!. […]

Dipped Strawberries

When you’re craving desserts and nothing hits the spot quite like a homemade treat in these stressful times.This dessert is here to soothe your sweet tooth. Spend the weekend with your children making this super fun recipe together. ______________________________________________________________________ Chocolate Covered Strawberries Ingredients: Strawberries Chocolate Candy Melts Toothpicks Styrofoam Board […]

Fun Facts about Chocolates

Facts about Chocolate Even though we don’t really need reasons to love chocolates or eat one, the following facts may just help you learn more about these irresistible treats and will surely make you want to grab one right away. ______________________________________________________________________________ Chocolate is a product of cacao beans that grows […]

Ramadan Treats under AED100

During Ramadan, Iftar is the meal to break the fast while suhoor is eaten before sunrise with your loved ones. But this year, things are a bit different. Forget about visiting restaurants and trying out the delicious iftari offered and celebrating it with your friends or family as social distancing […]

Dessert Facts

Dessert Facts: That you probably didn’t know! Desserts are everyone’s favorites and without them food is incomplete. Every country has their different flavors of desserts and their specialties. No matter what sort of dessert! Whether a piece of cake, pie, or a delicious cupcake. It brings a wide smile on […]