DIY Easter Crafts

Easter is surely the time decorate your home. So to celebrate Easter and to keep yourself busy during the lockdown, we have rounded up some easy to do DIY crafts for you.

Simply easy to do and perfect for your kids to get involved in too. So read through and pick up your favorite!

No-Sew Sock Bunnies

You will need:

1 Sock (preferably pink/gray/white)

Stuffing (from an old pillow)

White Felt

Googly Eyes

Pom Pom/ Cotton Ball

Tiny Elastics/Small Rubber Bands

Pony Bead

White Yarn


Glue Gun



1. Take a good handful of stuffing and push it into the sock, right down to the toe – (this will be the bunny’s body)

2. Once you are happy with the body, use tiny hair elastics to hold everything together

3. Add more fluff to the inside of the sock to make the bunny’s head.(The head should be slightly smaller than the body) then pinch together the top of the sock, and add elastic to hold it in place.

4. For the nose, Use a pink pony bead with 3 short pieces of white yarn pulled through the bead.

5. Next, cut out a small rectangle of white felt and cut a small slit in one side to make teeth.

6. Attach the googly eyes, nose and teeth to the head part of the bunny using a glue gun.

7. Cut out an oval from white felt. This will be the bunny’s tummy. Using a glue gun, squeeze it out around the inside edge of the white oval. Then press it in place onto the bunny’s tummy.

8. Attach a small white pom pom to the back for the bunny’s tail

9. Cut the top of the sock to make two ear shapes for the bunny.

10. Finally, tie a ribbon around the bunny’s neck.

*Surprise your kids and create one for them this Easter, they will surely love it and cherish it forever.

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Foam Cup Bunnies

You will need:

White Cup (Styrofoam/paper cups)

2 Googly Eyes

White and Pink Craft Foam

Black Gel Pen

Pink Sharpie/Washable Marker




1. Cut out two oval shapes for the feet and two long, pointy ear shapes for the ears. Finally, cut out a small pink oval for the nose.

2. Use a pink sharpie/marker to colour the ears and feet.

3. Use the black pen to draw the face onto the cup

4. Attach the eyes, nose, ears and feet to the cup using a glue gun.

5. Use white glue to attach the pieces. Remember you have to wait (patiently) for everything to dry.

6. Finally, fill your cup with treats!

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String Easter Eggs

You will need:

Embroidery Floss

Water balloons

Balloon pumper-upper

Elmer’s glue



1. Blow up some balloons

2. Cut arm-lengths of embroidery floss- use about 6-8 for each balloon.

3. Mix up a bowl of glue with enough water (add a small amount at a time), to make it just runny enough to soak into the embroidery thread.

4. Take a piece of your thread and dunk it into the bowl of water glue, pressing it in all the way so that the whole length of the thread gets nice and saturated.

5. Grab an end of the thread and wring it out between your fingers as you pull it from the bowl.

6. Now wrap it around the balloon,

7. Clip the balloons to the drying rack with a clothes pin – just make sure they aren’t touching each other.

8. After a few hours, your string will have dried and you can pop the balloons

*Decide if you want to display your string eggs in a lovely bowl, or tie embroidery thread and hang them.


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Happy Crafting! 😊


Alina, is passionate about food (especially desserts), books, DIY + coffee! Living in the UAE, she is an Interior Design by degree, also a mom to an adorable 8-year-old girl. She’s not on social media but you can reach her via her email: [email protected]